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Imperial Clay Roof Tile

Imperial Clay Roof Tile from Santafe Tile, The Best Price in the Market. The Quality you can trust. Santafe’s Imperial tile brings all the benefits of CLAY at the most affordable price. Contact your local Distributor or Santafe Sales Representative to know the incredible price!

Standard Colors:

Imperial Red Clay Rof Tile Imperial Red Fume Clay Roof Tile Imperial Galeras Clay Roof Tile Imperial Cocoa Clay Roof Tile
Red Red Fume Galeras Cocoa

Blending colors gives a unique and beautiful accent to any home

Imperial Blend Lighter Tones
Imperial Blend Medium Tones
Imperial Blend Darker Tones
Lighter tones: For a natural terracota with a "weathered" look, red and red fume come perfectly together. Looking for classic, with a soft twist? These two are the best way to go.

In this Blend: 50% Red, 50% Red Fume


Medium tones: One of customer's favorite blends: red, red fume and galeras. This trio make a statement on any profile. Rich galeras color brings elegance to a classic palette.

In this Blend: 40% Red Fume, 40% Galeras, 20% Red


Darker tones: Choose more cocoa and galeras to add character and that contemporary dark feature. The red fume helps the colors flow in a smoother mix.

In this Blend: 40% Cocoa, 40% Galeras, 20% Red Fume

Imperial Specs

  • Length: 18”
  • Width: 11”
  • Height: 2"
  • Pieces/Pallet: 600
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs/pc - 633.6 lbs/sq.
  • Pieces/Sq.: 96


Imperial Clay Roof Tile Photo Gallery

Santafe clay roof tiles may present some slight variations in color due to the inherent natural properties of clay products. Minor differences in colors between productions may also arise. We suggest installer selects and mix tiles from different pallets on the roof to create a more natural and beautiful blend. Printing limitations and screen variations may change the actual color of our roof tiles. The interested parties should request a full sample before ordering.